Dual Differentiated Interactive Classroom

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DDIC offers you 22+ years of classroom experience, with knowledge in child development and Psychology. With my experience and expertise in Montessori and High Scope, I can assist you with ideas for centers, workstations, differentiation, individualized teaching, and behavior modifications.

Through my personal experience raising a child with Autism, I can give you tips for classroom management, best practices in redirection, and behavior management. Through all my years of experience in the classroom I can give you hands-on ideas to help students focus longer, how to teach students self-discipline to reduce behavioral problems, and ideas following these principles:

Dual: English (materials in blue), Spanish (materials in red) Ideal for dual language programs!

Differentiated: tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. Ideas for review and intervention. You will have no more worries about differentiation in your next appraisal!

Interactive: All my materials and ideas are hands-on activities for centers or workstations. I do not create or use worksheets! So, get your laminator and scissors ready.

Classroom: I can share with you the system that I use to have well behaved, high achieving, and high scoring students year after year! Learn to make your students listen, learn, and excel.

For new products and ideas, visit my store at TPT. You can also follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) or contact me directly through e-mail.

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