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Dual Differentiated Interactive Classroom

DDIC offers you 22+ years of classroom experience.

Dulce M. Boyd, M. Ed

Florida Reading Endorsed Certified EC-3 Teacher

Texas EC-4 Bilingual Generalist Certified Teacher

Language Activities

Language Learning!
Welcome to the Language Learning Zone, where young minds embark on exciting journeys through phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. I’ve put together a world of engaging activities to help kids in pre-K to 2nd grade develop their language skills while having a blast. Let’s dive into the adventure!

Math Activities

Math Learning!
Welcome to the Math section, a place where young mathematicians embark on exciting adventures through the world of numbers 0-10, decimal system, continuation of counting, memorization, passage to abstraction, and fractions. I’ ve put together engaging activities to make learning math a thrilling experience for kids in K to 2nd grade. Let’s explore the adventure!

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial Activities!
Welcome to the Sensorial Exploration Hub, where young learners in K to 2nd grade can engage their senses in a world of discovery and wonder. Our carefully crafted activities are designed to stimulate and develop each child’s sensory experiences. Let’s dive into the adventure of the senses!

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With DDIC materials and ideas, your kids Explore, Learn, Grow.

DDIC Principles:

With DDIC materials and ideas, your kids Explore, Learn, Grow.​




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Check what Parents say about DDIC

I have come in contact with many of Mrs. Juarez’s students as they were promoted to my grade level. Mrs. Juarez’s students were always prepared or some even exceeded next level expectations. I am totally convinced of the successful methodology of DDIC created by Mrs. Juarez. Mrs. Juarez’s differentiated teaching methodology covers content, a meticulous process, and a product. As a result of it, the students are exposed to tiered lessons, flexible learning groups, individual scaffolding, individual interest exploration, and accommodations for individual learning styles.

C. Carr

Mi hija Mariana estuvo en la clase de Mrs. Juarez. Es una excelente maestra mantiene a los niños interesados, siempre al pendiente del rendimiento académico de los niños yo como mama estaba muy contenta con su trabajo. My daughter Mariana was in Mrs. Juarez’ class. She is an excellent teacher, keeps students interested, she is always aware of the academic performance of the children, as a mom I was very pleased with her work.

J. Solorzano

I assisted the students in her classroom as a para educator. I’ve seen firsthand how students grasp her teachings and show academic growth through the school year.

Mrs. Escamilla

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