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The program not only focuses on literacy and numeracy but also the social and emotional development of each child.
Each child develops literacy and numeracy knowledge. Each week children practice writing letters via our letter of the week program. Children also learn to write numbers.
Children also learn to write numbers.Via the school readiness program children become more independent and responsible for their own belongings. Each child gains self help skills and skills to deal with their emotions and conflict situations. All these skills providing a foundation to assist them with their transition into the school environment.
The fun really begins as the kids start to pick out the features they want on their animals. Affix eyes with a small dab of glue. Use a fine brush to paint beaks, noses and other details or cut out of construction paper. A marker works well for drawing mouths and whiskers. Feathers can be taped to the insides of the tubes, or glued. Pro-tip: If gluing the feathers, use a paperclip to hold each feather in place until it dries.

In addition we also have academics in our Pre-K program to prepare them for Kindergarten in the fall.

Our curriculum are done weekly and encompass math, science, art, language (reading and writing), manipulatives (fine motor skills and cognitive skills), sensory, music, movement and lots of fun.



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